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Federal agreements are common in the Indian legal system, and it is important to understand their meaning and significance. In Hindi, federal agreement is known as “संघीय समझौता”.

A federal agreement is a pact or treaty made between two or more states or jurisdictions within a federal system. In India, federal agreements are made between the central government and the state governments to delegate certain powers and responsibilities.

These agreements are designed to promote cooperation and coordination between the central government and the states, and to ensure that all parties work towards a common goal. Some federal agreements involve financial arrangements, where the central government provides funding to the states for specific projects or initiatives.

One of the most important federal agreements in India is the Constitution, which outlines the powers and responsibilities of the central government and the states. The Constitution provides a framework for cooperation and collaboration between the two levels of government.

Another notable federal agreement is the Goods and Services Tax (GST), which was introduced in 2017. The GST is a tax system that is applied uniformly across India, with the central government and the states sharing the revenue. The GST has been instrumental in promoting economic growth and reducing trade barriers across the country.

Federal agreements are governed by the principles of federalism, which is a system of government that divides power between the central government and the states. This system ensures that each level of government has its own sphere of influence and can operate independently of the other.

In summary, federal agreements are critical to the functioning of India`s federal system of government. They promote collaboration, cooperation, and economic growth, while also respecting the autonomy of the states. As India continues to grow and evolve as a nation, federal agreements will remain an essential tool for building strong and prosperous communities.